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VisionKids Blue Light Cut PC Glasses

Fashionable design, comfort and comfort are also important.
Reliable glasses that protect children who learn well, play well, and are full of energy.
With a blue light cut rate of 40%, it effectively cuts blue light and also cuts ultraviolet rays, so it protects your eyes from harmful rays and reduces the burden when using a computer or smartphone.
Visible light transmittance 98%, comfortable to wear with natural visibility.
The latest graphene anion frame is ultra-lightweight, has excellent flexibility and elasticity, and restores its original shape without breaking when bent.
Comfortable to wear with ultra-lightweight elastic material Light body, flexible band used, no feeling of oppression even when worn for a long time.
Equipped with a double protective silicone ear hook that is easy to put on and take off, it can be worn by setting it on glasses and fits your ears.
In addition, a glasses strap is also included, so you can hang your glasses around your neck. You don't have to worry about your glasses falling due to bowing or running.
Protect your precious eyes from blue light !!!

スマホ UVC除菌ボックス


In professional eradication principle, harmless to the human body

Start sterilization and disinfection with one-touch operation In just 5 minutes, the sterilization rate is as high as 99.9%. You can switch the sterilization mode for 5 minutes or 10 minutes depending on the application by pressing the power button.
Compatible with 4.7-inch to 6-inch smartphones
With the 18W high-speed wireless charging function, you can charge your smartphone wirelessly at the same time as sterilization.
* QI certification has been obtained and you can use it with confidence.
Not only disinfecting smartphones, but also disinfecting daily necessities such as masks, toothbrushes, glasses, watches, and tableware.
Humanized and safe design ● The protection system automatically stops sterilization if the lid is not closed properly.
● With a 15 ° groove design in the sterilization area, you can quickly remove the smartphone by pressing one end of the smartphone.
● Compact design and USB power supply type make it convenient to carry around when going out.
● A cooling fan is installed at the bottom of the sterilization box, and when the power is turned on, the cooling fan also operates at the same time, so heat is not generated even when sterilizing or charging.
It is hygienic and comfortable because it can be easily sterilized anytime and anywhere.




Operate without touching the bottle or pump, so hygienic

Sensor sensing distance <10 cm
Just hold your hand over the foam for 0.26 seconds and the foam will be ejected automatically, so you don't have to worry about secondary contamination.
Equipped with a two-stage discharge amount mode, you can switch the ejection amount to your liking by pressing the power button.
Compatible with various detergent types Both foam and liquid types can be used.
It is IPX4 waterproof and can be used safely around water such as washbasins and kitchens.
Equipped with an easy-to-understand LCD display, you can check the battery level and ejection amount mode.
With two types of mounting methods, it can be mounted on the wall or vertically.
The Vision Kids Soap Dispenser is a gem that makes it addictive to wash your hands.


High-performance toy camera Available in three colors to choose from

Lenses are mounted on the front and back of the camera, and the lens mode can be freely switched with a single touch operation.
20 million high resolution, beautiful selfies, catching fun moments.
Children can enjoy taking selfies themselves without the need for a smartphone.

Convenient functions ★ Face recognition: Recognize faces and match hints.
★ 4x zoom: You can zoom the screen for shooting and recording!
★ Camera shake prevention function: You can take beautiful pictures even when running.
★ Cute forms and filters ★ Instant data confirmation on your smartphone ★ Sound effects that can be turned on and off



Portable air cleaner Baikinbye

[PM2.5 removal rate 99.9%, special technology] More than 20 million negative ions are released per second, and 99.9% PM2.5 particles in the air can be effectively removed. The activation is powerful and spreads up to 1 meter square. Relieves discomfort caused by formaldehyde, pollen, dust in the air and secondary smoking. It is certified by Japanese Industrial Standards JIS B 9920 air cleanliness class 6.
[Portable and compact] With a compact size of 5x6cm and 33g, it has an amazing air purification capacity. Designed to be portable, you can use it anytime, anywhere. Stress-free when hanging around the neck with the included neck strap.
[One-touch operation / USB rechargeable] No complicated settings required. It can be turned on and off with a single touch, making it easy for both elderly and children to use. In addition, it is a simple USB rechargeable type, and one full charge can be used continuously for 25 hours.
[No maintenance required] Unlike ordinary air purifiers, there is no need to replace the filter. It saves time and maintenance costs.
[Special strap material] The strap uses a special material that helps ion emission and reduces static electricity. Two colors are included and can be replaced according to the coordination.


Compressed travel bag

[Achieving a new compression technique] With a multi-layer fastener structure, more than 60% of the space is compressed just by tightening, and it can be easily stored without the need for a troublesome vacuum packing machine or special bag. The latest design compression bag, the storage capacity, waterproof power, and tear resistance of conventional ordinary bags have been greatly improved! It can improve packing efficiency and provide high convenience for people on business trips and traveling.

[60% space saving, sturdy quality fastener] "Made by YKK" Using high quality lightweight fasteners recognized all over the world, it guarantees excellent toughness and durability, and it opens and tightens smoothly and is really comfortable to use. It is designed with a unique structure because it can be compressed, and the volume is reduced at once by just tightening the outer fastener. We will support efficient packing for short-term outings and situations where you are ordered to make a sudden business trip.

[Clothing sorting / separating hygiene space] ◇ Practical design method considering hygiene: Separate unused, clean clothes and used clothes, separate wet and dry parts, sort and store tops and bottoms I can do it! The partition surface is waterproof, so you don't have to worry about getting wet or odor transfer. In addition, ★ with internal slip pocket, anti-theft ★ We provide a place to store personal parts, clear files, paper materials, card cases, etc.

[420D Ultimate tear strength, double-sided waterproof and dustproof] Material: 420D Nylon 95% Polyester 5% ▲ No offensive odor ▼ High-quality nylon is used as the main material, and it has strong tensile strength and breathability that is transparent to stuffiness. Both the front and back are waterproof and dustproof, and have excellent wear resistance. In addition, they have strong properties such as anti-aging of the fabric and water and oil repellency, so they can withstand many years of use.

[General-purpose universal size / convenient to carry] Body 36cm * 27cm * 13cm We provide the most versatile universal size! A size that fits a wide variety of suitcases / bags / backpacks, and can be used both lightweight and packed in large quantities. ▲ With hand-held handle ▼ The handle can be stored inside the zipper so it does not get in the way when not needed. Please note: Do not overload the handle as it may fray due to excessive weight. You can become a master even if you are worried about packing by making full use of convenient goods!

子供用防水カメラ ACTION X PLUS

Waterproof camera for children

[Various hobbies and functions] There are many functions that please children, such as cute shutter sound effects, games and hobby photos. Equipped with two auxiliary lights, there is no problem even in dark places, and it has all the expected functions such as 16 million pixels, timer function, continuous shooting, movie shooting, etc.! ★ A cute package with a variety of accessories, perfect for birthdays, Christmas, New Year, and admission, or you can expect your child's own growth history!
[Selfie by rotating 180 °] The camera lens can be rotated 180 degrees, and you can change the shooting angle freely by simply turning it. The rotating shaft, which is particularly sturdy, has no connection problems even after repeated operations. Children can enjoy shooting by themselves without the need for troublesome operations!
[IPX8 waterproof case] With the attached waterproof case, it has outstanding waterproofness, and you can shoot underwater up to a depth of 3M without problems! The waterproof case fits tightly with the camera button and can be used without stress. You can shoot anywhere and anytime without worrying about getting wet on rainy days or playing at the beach.
[Multiple mounting methods] There are 1/4 screw holes on the bottom of the camera body and waterproof case, and it can be mounted on a tripod (purchased separately), bicycle, or helmet. It can also be realized by recording a viking or shooting a video while running. ★ Japanese manual included ★ Supports 10 other system languages.
[USB charging & 32GB capacity] Charge and transfer data with a USB cord. The maximum memory capacity is 32GB. (Micro SD card is not included.) Safety standard: CE FCC PSE ROHS ★ When using for the first time, format the SD card first. [Warranty] One year warranty from the date of purchase, if you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.



  • [10x binoculars set, 10x clearer impression of concert]

  • The best telescope for concerts, live performances, watching sports, and watching theater! It can be used for a wide range of purposes, from appreciation of paintings and works of art to outdoor activities and nature observation. The impression of the concert is 10 times clearer, and even the fine facial expressions and momentary breathing are 10 times clearer and will remain in your memory.

  • [Smooth operability, with Japanese instruction manual]

  • We are particular about operability so that you can use it immediately when you want to see it. Not only can the eye width be adjusted, but anyone can use it with simple operations when focusing. Even children can adjust it. With a Japanese instruction manual, you can use it with confidence even for the first time.

  • [Clear view / storage eyecup]

  • A high clear lens (BaK7 prism) is used to obtain a clearer and clearer field of view. A special coated lens designed to reduce the strain on the eyes. It looks fine even in dark places. With the design of the storage eye cup, you can use it even if you wear glasses!

  • [Wide field of view]

  • Real field of view: 7.5 ° The wider the field of view, the wider the field of view, making it easier to find the object. The magnification is 10x, the effective diameter of the objective lens is 22mm, and the diameter of the field of view reaches 112m when viewing the scenery from 1000m away.

  • [Ultra-lightweight, compact, with storage case]

  • Super lightweight, weighs only 135g! Size: 102mm * 80mm * 35mm It is palm-sized and does not take up space in your bag. It is compact and convenient for women and children to carry. Comes with a special soft case and a belt loop, making it convenient to carry!



[Built-in WiFi / USB charging]
Download the app, easily connect to your smartphone, and enjoy full-screen display for convenient observation. Since it is USB rechargeable, you can carry it around and use it anywhere. Built-in 900mAh battery, connect adapter (5V / 1A recommended) or USB cable to charge. It takes about 3 hours to complete charging.
[Maximum magnification 1000x, with 8 LED lights]
Turn the dial to adjust and focus on the subject. This is an introductory version of an electron microscope that can magnify up to a maximum magnification of about 1000 times. You can enlarge / reduce the screen. Eight LED lights are built-in, and the brightness can be adjusted. You can check the details of the subject even in a dark place. A transparent cap for dust protection is attached to the tip of the camera.
[Compatible with Win10 / Compatible with smartphones / PCs]
It can be connected to a PC / smartphone, and you can share observations, inspections, etc. with other people at the same time. Still images and movies can be taken, and file saving is also supported. Capture wonderful moments with one touch! Anyone can easily view the enlarged image by connecting it to a computer via USB. This product is compatible with Android 4.3 and later / iOS 8.0 & Windows Vista / 7/8/10 & MacOS X 10.8 and later.
[Fixed stand and storage bag included]
With a 360 ° adjustable stand, you can adjust the angle and height to your liking. It also comes with a storage base and storage bag, which is convenient.
[Multi-purpose, Japanese instruction manual]
It is a scope that can be widely used for educational purposes such as collection appraisal, biological observation, skin and scalp check, factory inspection, inspection, business use, free research and hobby use. It is easier to operate than a precision microscope, comes with a Japanese instruction manual, and can be used by children. Experience the unknown world!



[Two-way voice call]
You can talk to your baby by pressing the voice button on the monitor.
[2x zoom]
By pressing the zoom button, you can magnify the image and see details such as facial expressions, which is safe.
[Temperature display / lullaby recording]
There is a thermometer on the camera side and the temperature is displayed on the monitor. Helps control the temperature of the room. In addition, you can select lullabies by long-distance operation. The volume can also be adjusted.
[Night vision function / night light]
The infrared light is built into the camera so your baby won't be surprised. Black and white images are automatically displayed in dark places. In addition, there is a small LED light, and a faint light gives the baby a sense of security.
[Easy setting]
You don't need a network, just boot and both will automatically pair. Manual pairing is also supported.
[Use distance]
The reception distance is 100M where there are no obstacles or radio interference. The guideline under the actual living environment is assumed to be about 10 to 30 m. Please note.

IP カメラ


1080P / 2MP / Zoom:
Adopting a lens with 2 million high-definition pixels, it has a clearer image quality than conventional cameras and can be confirmed even on a smartphone. Equipped with a digital zoom function, the screen is vast and you can clearly see the facial expressions of the subject.

Night vision function / wide vision:
Built-in infrared light automatically switches to night vision mode in black situations. Even in a pitch-black room, you can clearly see a distance of about 10m. The angle of the lens can be adjusted in the range of horizontal (pan) 355 ° and vertical (tilt) 90 ° with a smartphone, and the night vision function is combined to watch over the house from all directions.

Auto tracking / alarm communication:
The camera is equipped with an auto-tracking function that detects movement and automatically tracks it. When motion is detected within the monitoring range using the alarm settings of the app, an alarm sound is emitted from the camera, and at the same time, photography and video shooting are started, and the smartphone is also notified, enabling real-time monitoring.

Two-way audio / supported equipment:
The camera has a built-in microphone and speaker, so you can talk through the camera with your smartphone even when you are out, and you can also receive voice from the other side. It can be operated not only on smartphones but also on personal computers.

Japanese app / multi-type connection method:
You can set the camera by WI-FI connection or LAN wired by installing the dedicated application [iCsee] and using the voice guide, and you can use it quickly. It is possible for one user to connect multiple cameras or share one camera with multiple users. In AP mode, it can be monitored even when there is no network.



[Swinging powerful portable fan]
The seven blades create a soft breeze with little difference in wind pressure. It can blow air stably and smoothly even at ultra-low speed rotation. The swing can be up to 120 ° to the left and right, so you won't feel stress even if you use it for a long time. With a battery capacity of 2000mAh, the operating time has been significantly extended. It's super lightweight and weighs only 185g.
[USB rechargeable / energy saving performance]
2way power supply, USB rechargeable, can be used in places where there is no power supply or in the event of a power outage. It can be charged while being used while plugged into the power cord. Unlike air conditioners and large electric fans, it consumes less power and can be used easily anywhere!
[With aroma tray, 5-step air volume adjustment]
This USB fan can use aroma. It is possible to remove the odor of cigarettes and sweat that have permeated clothing! Adjustable air volume in 5 steps!
[Indoor / outdoor use & quiet driving sound]
With a base, you can use it by placing it on an indoor tabletop. It is convenient to carry when going out. The driving noise at the minimum air volume is only 13dB, and the driving noise is almost unnoticeable!
[Suitable for safety protection and gifts]
You can use it with confidence because it has an overcurrent / overvoltage protection function.

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