VisionKids Company Limited (“Company”) will endeavor to implement the following policies in order to improve the safety of our products.


1. Compliance with laws and regulations We will comply with the obligations stipulated in the Consumer Product Safety Law and other domestic and overseas laws and regulations related to product safety.


2. Establishing product safety assurance We will establish and maintain "customer satisfaction and product safety assurance" by continuously reviewing and improving the product safety management system.


3. Building a management system for ensuring product safety We will establish safety standards stipulated by laws and regulations and our own safety standards, always carry out appropriate safety management, and strive to continuously improve safety.


4. Collection and Disclosure of Product Accident Information, etc. We will proactively collect information from customers, etc. regarding accidents and problems related to products, and provide and disclose appropriate information to customers, etc.


5. Response to product accidents In the event of a product accident, we will take swift action in accordance with laws and regulations, and when it is deemed necessary for an unexpected product accident, we will take measures to prevent the occurrence and spread of harm such as product recovery. To take.


6. Prevention of accidents due to misuse, etc. In order for customers to use the product safely, we will call attention and display on the instruction manual and the product itself to help avoid accidents due to misuse or carelessness.


7. Implementation of product safety education We will regularly and continuously provide education and training to improve safety.