It's not just about taking pictures, it's a high-performance camera that allows you to share photos in real time.

Equipped with a 12-megapixel front and rear lens and an IPS wide visual screen, children can easily capture the decisive moment.

You can enjoy taking selfies by switching lenses with one-touch operation.

When you take it, a photo (monochrome photo) will come out immediately, and with puzzle graffiti, the fun is endless!


useful function

* Timer shooting / continuous shooting

* Check balance with ruled lines

* Focus by face confirmation

* Cute forms, stickers and filters

* Camera shake prevention function

* If the camera does not operate in break mode and acquiescence for 1 minute, the camera will automatically turn off.

* 14 system languages



Product name:  Instacam   InstaCAMU

display:  2.4 inch IPS LCD    

Photo resolution:  4032 x 2880 (12 million images)    

Recording resolution:  HD 1080P (1920x1080)    

Battery capacity:  1000mAh    

Storage capacity:   Supports up to 32GB Micro SD card (purchased separately)    

output:  Micro USB (can be connected directly to a PC)    

Package contents:  Camera x1, printing paper x3, usb cable x1, instructions x1, seal x1, connector x2, strap x1, memory reader x1          


Portable Instant Print Camera: Instant print feature enables kids to take photos / videos & print photographs within seconds. 2.4-inch screen allows checking of photos before printing to avoid miss printing of unwanted photos. Zero Ink technology means printing without toner and easy print paper loading. All the printing material is of high quality and skin-friendly. Kids can print over 150 photos with included 3 rolls thermal papers.


Kids-friendly Portable Digital Camera: This digital camera is designed for children aged 5-14. It comes with 1080P HD screen, anti-drop design and a durable lanyard that allows kids to carry it anywhere.


Toy Learning Camera: This learning camera is designed to help your kids learn to capture every happy moment: 12 mega-pixel photo shooting, front and rear dual cameras, selfies, timed photo, triple continuous shooting, 3 seconds timed triple continuous shooting, FHD video recording, photo and video playback, date & time stamp, and auto power off.


Perfect DIY Cam: Besides taking photos and videos, your kids can decorate photos and videos with built-in filters, frames, and cards to expand their creativity. Children can decorate printed photos with included stickers or paint the photos with their favorite colors to cultivate their aesthetic sense.These features make this camera a great DIY gift for both your kids and their friends.


Powerful Battery and Memory: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery supports hours of use. Recharging takes about 2 hours. Files can be transferred via USB or card reader (32G Micro SD card is not included)


Specifications Specifications    

Product name:     InstaCAMU
SKU     JP070 / 071
Color: Color:     Pink / Blue
Lens:     Dual lens (front and rear)
Display: Display:     2.4 inche
Display type:     IPS Full HD
Video format:     AVI
Recording resolution:     1080P (1980 * 1080)
Photo resolution     12 million (4032 * 2880)
Storage capacity:     Micro SD card (maximum 32G, class10)
Charging voltage:     DC-5V
Charging time     3-4 hours
Output:     Micro USB (Can Be Connected Directly To The Computer)
Battery capacity:     1000 mAh
size     126mm * 85mm * 42mm
Product weight:     240g
Product Gross Weight:     514g