Portable air purifier Bikinbai

[PM2.5 removal rate 99.9%, special technology] More than 20 million negative ions are released per second, and 99.9% PM2.5 particles in the air can be effectively removed. The activation is powerful and spreads up to 1 meter square. Relieves discomfort caused by formaldehyde, pollen, dust in the air and secondary smoking. It is certified by Japanese Industrial Standard JIS B 9920 air cleanliness class 6.

[Portable and compact] With a compact size of 5x6cm and 33g, it has an amazing air purification capacity. Designed to be portable, you can use it anytime, anywhere. Stress-free when hanging around the neck with the included neck strap.

[One-touch operation / USB rechargeable] No complicated settings required. It can be turned on and off with a single touch, making it easy for both elderly and children to use. In addition, it is a simple USB rechargeable type, and one full charge can be used continuously for 25 hours.

[No maintenance required] Unlike ordinary air purifiers, there is no need to replace the filter. It saves time and maintenance costs.

[Special strap material] The strap uses a special material that helps ion emission and reduces static electricity. Two colors are included and can be replaced according to the coordination.


Product name: BaikinBye

Negative ion release:> 20 million PCS / cm3

Battery capacity: 350mAh Charging current: 200mA

Rated power: <1W

Battery type: Lithium ion polymer 

Battery life: 500 or more cycle charges 

Product weight: 33g

Product dimensions: 50x30x56mm

Product size: 85mm x 155mm x 43mm

Product details: Air purifier x 1, neck strap x 2, instruction manual x 1, USB cable x 1


Super purification function: 20million negative ions can be emitted every second, hence effectively remove 99.9% PM2.5 in air. This reduces the threat of virus and influenza, as well as the uncomforting feelings caused by allergies by removing their origins like dusk and pollen to the ground. Certified by Japanese Industrial JIS Standard JIS B 9920, Class Q6.


Mini portable: Compact size of 5x6cm, 33g, with amazing air-izing ability. Designed to be portable, you can use it anytime, anywhere.


Simple operation & Long battery life: No complicated settings required. It can be turned on and off with one touch, and it can be used easily by elderly people and children. In addition, it is a simple USB charge type, and once full charge by 3 hours can be used continuously for 25 hours.


Environmentally-friendly: Unlike normal air cleaners, no filter replacement is required.It can be used continuously. 


Scientific design: The 2 straps  uses a special material with nanotechnology that helps release ions and reduces static electricity. 


Specifications Specifications    

Product name:     BaiKinBye
SKU:     JP047 / JP048 / JP049
Color: Color:   Blue / Pink / Black
Negative ion release:     > 20 million PCS / cm3
Charging time:     2-3 hours
Use time after full charge:     25 hours
Battery capacity:     350 mAh
Product content:     Air purifier, neck strap, manual, backpack buckle, USB cable
Size: Size:     50mm * 30mm * 56mm
Product weight:     33g
Product Gross Weight:     140g