Building blocks / study multifunctional table Happi Table

Building blocks / study multifunctional table Happi Table


HappiTable Build'n Learn Table

5 roles per unit——Learn while playing!

[Luxury gift included]

Small block x 100 Large block x 49 "Restaurant", "Fire department" 2 building blocks with extras!


1 Building block plate 2-in-1 plate can be used with both large and small blocks. You can play while sitting on a chair or standing. A block with a high degree of adhesion and a good feel, doubling the fun!

2 Study table Rotate the plate to use it as a drawing, reading, or study desk.

3 Playground With a rubber stopper, it can be filled with water and used for playing in the water.

4 Inclined plate can be used upright. For drawing and reading.

5 Storage stand You can store blocks, books, stationery, etc.

6 Concatenated table You can concatenate tables. It is also ideal for infant classrooms and playgrounds.



Desk size: 50x37x44cm

Chair size: 23x26x39cm

Storage box size: 14x12.2x6cm

Chair height: 20 cm


The Most Accessorized Playtable: The kids activity table set 8-IN-1 Include compatible Duplo activity table, removable double-sided play boards, 2 chairs, 4 storage boxes and 740 pcs DIY  building blocks.


8-IN-1 Activity Table Set: Double-sided play boards one for blocks building. The other sides can be used for kids tackling their homework, coloring a picture, eating a meal, or even working on a science experiment on it. After moved out the board, it can be converted into a water table, sand table. Anyway, perfect for many activities.


Special Design for Kids Grow: The design of the chairs conforms to the ergonomic theory is helpful to cultivate the kid's upright sitting posture. The TWO chairs can fit under the toddler learning table when not used for better space-efficiency.


Durable high quality and easy to clean: Sturdy, lightweight plastic construction for easy configuration and rearranging with easy snap-together assembly.


Specifications Specifications    

Product name:     HappiTable
SKU:     JP086
Number of blocks     740 pcs
Large particle slide blocks:     160 pcs
All-match small building blocks:     300 pcs
Fire station building blocks:     146 pcs
Street view small blocks:     136 pcs
Storage box size:     140mm * 122mm * 60mm
Desktop size:     500mm * 440mm * 370mm
Chair size:     390mm * 260mm * 230mm
Package size:     560mm * 520mm * 120mm
Product weight:     5 KG