HappiBAG Travel Compression Bag

HappiBAG Travel Compression Bag

Compressed travel bag



"Those who control packing control travel"

Here, you can feel the high convenience of packing.



Size: Width 36cm x Depth 25cm x Height 12.5cm

Material: 95% nylon 5% polyester


[60% space compression with fasteners]

There is no need for a troublesome vacuum packing machine, and the volume can be reduced at once by simply tightening the outer fastener. Uses YKK sturdy fasteners for smooth opening and closing for a comfortable feel!


[Clothing sorting and storage]

The two-layer design separates clean clothes from used clothes, separates wet and dried parts, and sorts and stores tops and bottoms.


[Waterproof and dustproof]

No need to worry about getting wet or transferring odors. High-quality nylon is also breathable through the stuffiness.


[420D tear resistant material]

It has excellent wear resistance, prevents fabric aging, and can be used for many years.


This Product is for Japan Market Only

    Color: Black